Maria Giacosa
Rouli van der Linde

After working in the bookkeeping industry for over a decade we developed a passion for working with retail pharmacists & the supporting industries. The intricacies of the industry & the positive attitudes of the people we met cemented our decision to soley focus on this field. This focus let us keep up to date on changes within pharmacies, compare trends across stores & allowed us to provide a more well rounded service . With clients spread across Australia we are not hampered to geographical boundaries due to our use of cloud technology. Since doing this our client base has grown year on year due to client & accountant referrals which is a sure sign we are doing things right. 



After studying at QUT whilst running a mobile bookkeeping business Rouli headed over to the UK where she worked for a national car rental fleet. On returning she oversaw the accounting department of national construction equipment retailer before being snapped up by My Pharmacy Bookkeeper. Whilst working for the firm she developed a passion for retail pharmacy that came from a family background of working pharmacists.

Formally trained as an accountant she has applied her skills & knowledge to a range of industries whilst working for large accounting firms. Before embarking on establishing My Pharmacy Bookkeeper Maria spent half a decade working in a pharmacy specific division of an accounting firm. The skills & knowledge attained here plus through her formal training allow her to delve into the management accounts when discussing them with pharmacy owners.

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