How often will my accounts be updated?
How long does the setup take?

Firstly we identify whether we can use your current file or discuss your online accounting software options that works best for your business  so you have access 24/7. Once that is organised we dedicate a bookkeeper to your store that handles all the day-to-day work on your accounts. We then supply a customised set of checklists & instructions to one of your team members to ensure all the information  needed is passed on to us with minimum fuss. This is usually done by fax or scan to email.

We aim for a turnaround of five business days but this depends on how quickly we get the information we need from you, such as read-only access to business bank accounts & your prior financial records. We can then organise the software, provide customised checklists & discuss the requirements with your team member.

Your bookkeeper works on your accounts on a weekly basis & they are fully reconciled each month.

What software do you use?
How does having an offsite bookkeeper work?



Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we received. This is a good starting off point but if you have any further questions we are only a phone call away.

Can you lodge my BAS & IAS?
Can you complete my tax return?

Yes we are fully qualified BAS Agents & can lodge the BAS/IAS returns on your behalf.

No. We are not tax agents as we focus solely on providing fantastic bookkeeping services. We can however work with your current accountant/ tax agent to prepare your tax return.


We are certified providers in a range of software, i.e. Xero, Intuit QuickBooks, MYOB, Reckon Accounts and talk with you to decide which best suits you. Our experience also spreads to other software providers and we are happy to discuss providing our bookkeeping services to you on any other software.

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